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Andy Hollands

Your Business Ninja  - working with young entrepreneurs to make them millions.

Are you frustrated with your business?

Not sure how to scale it?

Perhaps you are lonely! - need someone to bounce ideas off - someone who has been in your shoes.

Maybe you have hit that 'glass ceiling' and no idea how to smash through it.

Probably working all hours and want help to solve this issues!

Maybe fed up with bull from other 'consultants' who have never actually run their own business!  (There are too many of them out there for sure)

Three affordable coaching packages to suit your budget starting from £250 per month.

I am very happy to spend a hour or two with you to lift the bonnet on your business, suggest an immediate action plan - it will cost you nothing!  

Try me! - put me to the test!

I actually offer you a guarantee that if I am still costing you money after 3 months I will give you your money back!

Call me - 07814 022090

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I am told that I am the real deal.

Someone who has felt every joy and pain of running a business.


Enjoyed taking a business from start up to successful exit, selling for millions.

Also lost hundreds of thousands by getting it wrong! 

Straight talking, direct but caring.

Whether you're a start up or early stage of your business growth plans it is important to understand the importance of 'Exit' Planning.

The fastest route to success is to use a Business mentor.   It is not enough to do your best, you must know what to do, then do your best. 

Tapping into 40 years of business wisdom could fast track your business.  

If you are a young entrepreneur and have an appetite to build a successful, valuable business, then I would be delighted to chat with you.

Call me  -07814 022090