Here's an example of my work:

£11.5million turnover construction company, London.

Problem: Owner was a control freak!  He had hit the glass ceiling of growth - he had run out of band width.

Solution: I put in place a 3 year vision and plan for growth, chaired monthly board and management meetings, put the right people in the right seats & got rid of the wrong people in the wrong seats;  ensured everyone had quarterly objectives, making them accountable for their actions; created a customer is king culture both internally and externally.

Outcome: Turnover growth over an 18 months period soured to £14m, with net profit margins up 400%.


£1.8million turnover labour agency, Portsmouth.

Problem: Joint owners were disillusioned and frustrated that the business had hit the glass ceiling. 

They didn't know how to get it past the £2m turnover barrier. 

They needed someone to be straight with them and hold them accountable.

Solution: Agreed a vision for the next 3 years, put a strategy in place, re-aligned their roles, put in place monthly meetings, set up KPI's and created financial forecasts. 

This gave them focus, hope and a renewed sense of purpose.

Outcome: Turnover up to £3million, customer service excellence culture in place, delighted clients, and the Directors energised and excited about the next 3 years.


£130,000 turnover HR advisory business, Southampton.

Problem: Concern that she could not afford to take on a new staff member and concerned about how to scale the business.

Solution: Helped her put together a financial forecast which she owned and understand, not her accountant, who sometimes over complicate matters! 

We put together a 3 year vision and a sales plan to achieve growth to £200K over the next 3 years.

We meet for 2 hours, bi-monthly to review the plan, review the financials and set new objectives. 

I am her 'Chief Accountability Officer'.

Outcome: Detailed plan in place, excellent financial management accounts in place, 3 staff now working hard to scale the business and heading for £200K turnover in her first year with me.

£500,000 turnover Media Agency business, London.

Problem: The owner had lost his mojo! 

Frustrated and somewhat bored with the business.

He had no one to share his frustrations, it was lonely running his business!

Solution: Undertook a thorough review of where he wanted to take the business over the next 3 to 5 years. 

Considered an exit strategy and valued the business to give him hope and a renewed focus.  We also put in place a succession plan from his own management team. 

Outcome: Implemented monthly meetings to review his motivation, his daily and weekly actions.

He reviews the performance of the business with his team every month and gets them involved in the key decisions and future direction of the business.

He is a changed man and looking forward to his retirement in 5 years time.


These are only a few examples of the work I do. Since I started Mint Performance back in 2008, I have worked with over 100 businesses some good, some bad and some disastrous! 

I am looking for entrepreneurs who are coachable, hungry for success and value the wisdom someone like me can give them. 

The irony is that at 29, when I started my first company with two fellow directors, we too valued the opinion of an experienced businessman and he helped us take our business from start up to £3m turnover, employing 53 staff.

We put in place a 5 year succession plan and successfully sold the business to PHS Plc in December 2001 for many millions.